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Dr. Hasken and his team are pleased to welcome and serve dental patients residing in Wonder Lake and the surrounding area. For over thirty years, Dr. Hasken has been providing his expert advice to Wonder Lake patients and has shaped the lives of countless families and individuals. Having practiced dentistry since 1987, Dr. Hasken is well-versed in all oral health matters and is regarded as one of the top professionals in the industry. Our office is just a short drive from Wonder Lake and we welcome all new and returning patients!

Extensive Dental Services for Wonder Lake Patients

Take control of your dental health. Our extensive dental services are available to Wonder Lake patients of all ages and include restorative, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry, and more.

Health-Focused Dental Hygiene

Research shows that there is a strong link between dental disease and systemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on being health-focused at our dental practice. Our treatment plans are customized to the needs of each individual. During your Dental Fitness Exam, you’ll gain a strong understanding of your present level of health and the steps needed for proper at-home care and dental hygiene.

BioRejuvenation Dentistry

Your teeth endure a lot over the years. Think about the effects that coffee and tea, hard, crunchy foods, and sweets have on your teeth. Tooth discoloration, overcrowding, chips, and cracks become more prevalent as we age, but can be addressed with BioRejuvenation Dentistry. This form of dentistry reverses the effects that time and age have on your teeth, jaw joints, bones, and chewing muscles and restore them to optimal health.

TMJ/TMD Health

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMJD, is a difficult to diagnose, painful oral health affliction. Common symptoms include jaw pain, back pain, and chronic headaches, which may or may not be accompanied by clicking or popping noises of the jaw. It takes the keen eye of an experienced professional to diagnose TMJ disorder. Dr. Hasken has treated numerous patients in the Wonder Lake area with TMJD and has helped many recover from this troubling, debilitating condition.


Having straighter teeth can not only improve the appearance of your smile, but also make a major impact on your dental health. Straighter teeth are less likely to develop cavities because there is less space between them in which debris can get trapped and cause them to decay. Invisalign clear aligners offer a more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces for achieving straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile.

Health-Focused Preventive Plan

As the cost of dental insurance rises, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for families to afford regular dental care. In an effort to ease the stress and financial burden of this cost, we’ve created our Health-Focused Preventive Plan. Available to adults, children, and periodontal patients, our plan includes preventive dental care and a reduced fee on all services provided at our office.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth with our industry leading cosmetic dental services. Our services include but are not limited to teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental composite fillings, and beyond.

Oral Surgery

In certain cases, Dr. Hasken may advise oral surgery as part of a treatment plan. We are able to perform many of these procedures in our office, which includes tooth extractions, and can refer to an oral surgeon in the Wonder Lake area when necessary.

Sleep Apnea

If you have difficulty sleeping at night due to sleep apnea, we can help. Our oral sleep appliances have helped countless patients achieve a more restful night’s sleep.

Periodontal Care

We can use OraVital® as a way to identify bacteria found with periodontal disease that have known links or direct causes of systemic disease such as stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other inflammation based systemic health issues. OraVital® provides us with a method to test for and reduce these bacteria.

Root Canal

In the case that Dr. Hasken determines that you are a good candidate for root canal therapy, you will be happy to know that most procedures can take place in a single visit.

Dental Crowns, Bridges & Dentures

We offer a range of restorative dental treatments, which include, but are not limited to dental crowns, bridges, and dentures.

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If you live in Wonder Lake and are looking for a new dentist, we would be happy to meet you and discuss your oral health concerns. We have successfully treated oral problems for patients from McHenry, Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Spring Grove, Richmond, Genoa City, Twin Lakes, Wonder Lake, Island Lake, Johnsburg, Ringwood, Volo, Fox Lake, Lakemoor, Holiday Hills, Round Lake, Round Lake Park, Round Lake Beach, Lake Geneva, and surrounding areas. Book an appointment today.

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