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Dental Health Goal Setting

Many times, patients have a confused or puzzled look on their faces when I ask if they have any dental health goal setting targets for their health. I believe that being healthy or getting healthier rarely happens by accident. We have to be active participants in our own health. In this process goals can be helpful stepping-stones to a bigger outcome.

Health-Focused Dentistry Since 1987, Provided at Dr. James A. Hasken, DDS

I have built my dental practice on the idea of being health-focused. This means that I try to provide my patients with as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions and then let them decide what path they want to pursue. My goal is to help you achieve the level of wellness that you have chosen for yourself. So, if you hear me ask you questions about your goals for your health, there is a reason for it! The better I can understand your goals, the better my office can serve you!

Oral Health Goals at Dr. James A. Hasken, DDS

A goal should be something that challenges us, generally something that is measurable, with a strategy to attain the desired outcome. A goal can be short term or long term in scope, there should be a meaningful “why” behind it. Why is it important to you, what would it mean if you achieved it, how would you know?

For example, from a dental perspective, a patient may say “I am not going to end up wearing dentures,” when asked why, the patient responds that he saw his parents struggle with dentures and they were miserable. The “how” is something I can help with once I know “what” is important to the patient.

The strategy plan would be to minimize tooth decay and preserve the bone around the existing teeth. This can be achieved with excellent oral hygiene keeping the bacteria level well managed since both tooth decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria. The actions to achieve the goal could be brushing at least twice a day, flossing once per day, at a minimum, and regular check-ups to assess progress toward the goal.

McHenry’s Best Dental Fitness Program

In my McHenry dental office, progress is assessed using the Dental Fitness Program that measures the effectiveness of the patient in controlling plaque and bleeding as well as the bone support around each tooth, the key elements to tooth longevity. This assessment happens at each check-up appointment. If the results show that there may be a problem attaining the ultimate goal, together we have to determine what could we as your dental professionals can do to help you and what could you do differently to help yourself resulting in a change in strategy on all of our parts.

Monitoring & Assessment of Dentistry Goals

There is a continuous monitor and assessment over the time in our practice, so we are all aware of where the patient is relative to the goal. It all has to start with identifying the target that is important to you. Sometimes goals change and some are added. There are a lot of things that can be done in dentistry, but not all are important, to the patient. I desire to know what is important, so together we can achieve the level of health you want to achieve.

With wishes for good health,
Dr. James Hasken

About James A. Hasken, DDS

Since 1987, Dr. James Hasken has been providing HEALTH-FOCUSED DENTISTRY in McHenry. Being Health-Focused means that we provide you with the information and coaching to help you toward your oral health goals.

Our approach is INTEGRATIVE DENTAL MEDICINE which is about identifying how the BODY, BREATHING, BACTERIA, and BITE effects total health. This puts you, the patient, at the center with a focus on prevention, fostering the development of healthy behaviors, and skills for effective self-control and care that can be used for a lifetime to attain optimum health. The mouth is a reflection of total body health. We would love the opportunity to help you attain the level of total body health you desire.

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