Maintaining Good Oral Health

Maintaining your teeth’s health can be considered as one of the most important things you do for your body. Having a strong set of teeth not only ensures that you can make good use of your teeth for longer time frame, but also you can be free from any future expensive dental bills. While most of us may think it is difficult to keep the teeth healthy, in reality the fact is that few simple practices and healthy lifestyle can make a huge positive impact on your oral health.

  • Consider having a clean diet: One of the first things that you can practice to maintain a healthier smile is to follow a healthy diet. Avoid or minimize eating and drinking products that stain your teeth such as red wine, coffee etc. Rinsing your mouth after every meal is also a good practice to follow. Apples are considered to be good for teeth and gums since they can increase saliva flow and keep the teeth healthy.
  • Practice Proper Brushing Habits: Another highly recommended practice is to change your toothbrush at regular intervals (about once in 3 months). Try brushing in small circular motion rather than back and forth motion. It is highly recommended to change tooth brush after you have recovered from flu because you may be transferring bacteria back into your mouth if you continue to use the same brush.
  • Clean your tongue: One of the important parts of your mouth that many people tend to forget to clean is your tongue. One of the important things to remember is that bacteria and plaque start building up in your tongue as well which can contribute to bad breath and other oral problems. Make sure to clean your tongue using a tongue scrapper every morning after you wake up.

If dental concerns are bothering you, then talk to your dentist and work out a plan to resolve your dental problems. If you are residing in McHenry or its neighboring community then talk to Dr. James A. Hasken. He and his team are always glad to respond to all your queries.