Dr. James Hasken is Retiring

Dear Valued Friends:

It is after great consideration that I announce my retirement from practice. I have been practicing in McHenry and the Crystal Lake area for 35 years, and have treated three or more generations of some of your families. After watching my youngest daughter get married, I feel that I am ready to move on to the next stage of my life for family, travel and other opportunities.
In an effort to ensure that my patients continue to receive the best possible care, I have carefully evaluated a number of candidates who were interested in assuming my practice. I have decided to sell my practice to Dr. Deepa Williams. Dr. Williams is a calm, caring, and highly skilled dentist who will do a great job taking care of you.

Dr. Williams is highly educated, originally graduating from Goa Dental College in 2013, and graduated from UCLA’s Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry program in 2020. She is currently working to become a board-certified implantologist through the American Board of Oral lmplantology/lmplant Dentistry. She has been working in Freeport for the last two years.

I know you will be pleased with Dr. Williams and hope you will extend to her the same courtesy and loyalty that you have afforded me. Dr. Williams and I have worked closely together to ensure a smooth transition in response to your specific needs. You will continue to see some familiar faces. It is anticipated that my staff will continue with Dr Williams. The relationships you have built will help make the transition be one with less anxiety that can happen whenever there is change in our lives.

If you have any treatment that has started such as a crown, bridge or denture, I will complete it. Any other items in your treatment plans that have not been actually started will be reviewed with you by Dr. Williams.

For those of you who have chosen to participate in our Health Focused Prevention Plan, HFPP, nothing will change. Any benefit you have under the current subscription you will be able to use under the same terms.

I want to thank all of you. Many of you are more than patients, but friends who I looked forward to seeing at each visit. Have faith and trust in Dr. Williams as she isa gifted dentist. I am very grateful for
her assistance in continuing the quality of care that you deserve.

With wishes for good health,
Dr. James Hasken