47% of Adults 30+ Years Old Have Some Form of This Health Affliction

Periodontitis is overlooked and ignored all too often. When periodontitis goes untreated, the consequences are devastating. It wages war on the human body, starting first with tissue damage and receding gums then progressing to bone damage and tooth loss. Eventually, it can cause systemic health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and many other serious, painful, and even life-threatening conditions. According to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, 47% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of this health affliction.

But what do you do when you start to notice signs of gum disease like bleeding when brushing your teeth or red, swollen gums, but you can’t afford treatment? Whether you’ve hit a financial rough spot or you can’t afford the rising cost of dental insurance, it’s stressful knowing that you need dental care but can’t afford it. my goal is to provide quality dental care that is affordable for everyone.

In an effort to encourage good dental health and alleviate the rising cost of insurance, I developed an in-house Health-Focused Preventive Dental Savings Plan. My plan includes preventive dental care and a reduced fee on all services performed at my office. Here’s more information about our Health-Focused Preventive Plan.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a serious oral health affliction that affects the structures which hold the teeth intact, keep them in place, and allow them to do their job. The gums, ligaments, and bones that hold the teeth in their proper position become infected and inflamed. Plaque and bacteria build up on the teeth and harden into tartar. Plaque irritates the gum tissue and can cause gingivitis, the mildest form of gum disease. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis.

We Provide Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

The goal of non-surgical periodontal therapy is to control the infection and reduce the level of harmful bacteria present. This is usually accomplished through scaling and root planing, otherwise known as “deep cleaning.” Using specialized instruments, we remove plaque and tartar that have latched onto the teeth, built up over time, and as a result are cemented above and below the gumline.

Healthy Mouth – Healthy Body

Evidence continues to mount that connects what happens in your mouth with what happens in your body. The mouth is the window to the body and what we see in your mouth gives significant clues about what is going on in your body.

One of the most influential methods that we have at our disposal for treating gum disease is bacterial Oral DNA testing to identify the specific bacteria that are known to be more aggressive in causing gum disease, tooth decay and contribute to systemic diseases such as heart disease.

This simple test, when combined with a risk analysis of your teeth, gums, bones, muscles and jaw joints, will provide a complete picture of the health of your mouth. As a result of this inclusive approach, we are able to identify risk factors and make positive changes to help you live a longer, healthier life.

We are an OraVital® Certified Dental Office in McHenry, IL

The testing we use is the OraVital® test. Our dental office has been certified to dispense the OraVital® System, a powerful diagnostic and treatment protocol for oral infections including gingivitis (sensitive or bleeding gums), periodontitis (gum disease,) and halitosis (chronic bad breath.)

The Oravital® System is a scientifically proven, safe, easy, non-invasive, and highly effective protocol in treating oral infections. The Oravital® System fights and controls harmful bacteria, restoring your mouth to a healthy state. The OraVital® System is the most comprehensive solution for the detection & treatment of the oral pathogens.

The OraVital® System is a five-step protocol based on identifying the cause of oral infection through microbial analysis and tests for bleeding gums before scaling. The five steps are: (1) Screening, (2) Treatment, (3) Evaluation, (4) Maintenance, (5) Reevaluation. The test is easy to perform by swabbing various areas of your mouth. These samples are sent out for analysis of the bacteria present. When the report comes back to us, we sit down with you and review the results.

Here’s more information about our OraVital® System protocol.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

We are able to treat most cases of gum disease. But in some instances, when the disease is particularly severe or aggressive, the care of a specialist, or periodontist, may be advised. In this case, we can refer you to one of our trusted partners. We will work closely with them to make sure that you get the care and treatment you need.

Affording Periodontal Care

We hope that, by now, we have made it clear that periodontal disease is a serious issue that should not be left untreated. If you find yourself in a position where you are concerned about your dental health but are unable to afford treatment, do not be discouraged. There are many financial options out there that are worth exploring.

Can Dental Insurance Help?

We get a lot of questions about dental insurance at our office, especially when it comes to periodontal treatment. Unfortunately, the way the most dental insurance is designed today is to provide a “cookie-cutter” approach to coverage. Neither the patient’s current dental health or history is considered. The state of dental insurance has changed dramatically over the years. The cost of dental procedures has increased but the scope of coverage, on the other hand, has shrunken. In other words, dental insurance may, depending on the plan, offset some of the costs, but may not cover the entire procedure.

Some dentists participate in PPO plans (Preferred Provider Organization) and charge a reduced fee for patients who are covered by these plans. However, in order to make up for the loss in revenue, these dentists often see a larger number of patients and therefore spend less time on each visit. In these situations, patients are rushed in and out the door and often do not get the proper care or attention they need to stay healthy.

We believe that every patient deserves quality dental care. This is true regardless of whether they have insurance or not. Unlike many other providers, we do not rush patients in and out the door. We will take the time to understand your goals and concerns and give you the chance to ask any questions that you may have. We want you to feel that you can trust us and that you are being taken care of and given the attention and compassionate understanding that you deserve. We will develop a truly customized treatment plan that aligns with your needs.

Get the Affordable Dental Care You Need

My team and I are committed to helping you get the affordable dental care you need. If you have questions about periodontal treatment or gum disease or would like to learn more about our Health-Focused Preventive Plan, please contact our office at (815) 385-0777. We will be happy to discuss your concerns in detail or help you schedule an appointment.

With wishes for good health,
Dr. James Hasken

About James A. Hasken, DDS

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