Invisalign (clear braces) and traditional braces are a common option used to address how teeth function together. The dental term for how the upper and lower teeth work together is called occlusion. For patients, often the concern is how the teeth look, rotated, crowded, and gaps are often what brings patients in to see us. As important as these concerns are, as a dentist, the concern is as much about how the teeth function together. Poorly aligned teeth create a condition called malocclusion or bad bite.

Bad bites result in premature wear of teeth, unplanned movement of teeth, chipping of teeth, inefficient chewing, muscle pain and often jaw joint pain (TMJ). Fortunately, the patients concerns and the dentist’s concern are not mutually exclusive because when teeth are functioning well together this requires what patients see as an attractive smile.

For the growing patient between the ages of 8-18 years of age, we prefer to have our patients seen by an orthodontist, a specialist who has advanced training to better predict the growth and development of the jaw structures to be considered during treatment. We work closely with the orthodontists to communicate what is being sought in the final result. We monitor the progress along with the orthodontist as the cases progress. Communication between our office and the specialist is key so the result is not only a great smile but a well-functioning occlusion.

The adult patients in our practice still have the option of seeing an orthodontist for treatment, especially complex treatment involving unfavorable jaw relationships. These involve a team approach with ourselves, the orthodontist, and sometimes an oral surgeon.

Invisalign – The aligners and treatment

Invisalign (clear braces) is an option in our office for our adult patients. We commonly use Invisalign to correct crowding, rotation and function. Correcting tooth position prior to restoring teeth is a common use in our office to get the best end result that functions properly. Occasionally previously corrected orthodontic cases from many years ago may have relapsed, if the advised routine of wearing retainers was not followed, Invisalign offers a great option to correct these situations without returning to conventional metal wires and brackets. Once corrected, often a clear retainer can be used to hold in the proper, corrected position.

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