We Have Now Resumed Regular Hours and All Procedures!

I am happy to say that the Illinois Department of Public Health has allowed dental offices in Illinois to resume all procedures elective, preventive (cleanings) and emergent and urgent procedures with precautions to prevent the spread of Covid – 19. The health and safety of our patients, team, and community is and always has been our number one priority. Scroll down for information about our health & safety protocols.

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Our integrative, functional approach to Dentistry is to look beyond the teeth and identify how your oral health can impact your total health and systemic health impact on oral health. We identify through questionnaires, health histories as well as a comprehensive oral examination process, key components and risk factors that impact systemic health. Dentistry is more than the teeth and gums. The mouth is a reflection of total body health. We look forward to helping you attain the level of total health that is important to you.

A Message From Dr. James Hasken – Covid-19 Health & Safety Protocols


We have now resumed our regular office schedule. You will notice a few changes. We are currently asking our patients to call when they reach our parking lot. When we are ready to see you we will call back and invite you into the office. As per the requirement currently in Illinois, facial masks are required to assist in everyone’s protection. Upon entry we ask that you utilize the hand sanitizer before sitting down. There will be a short series of questions we will ask. This is the same series that were responded to when making the appointment regarding recent medical status and travel history. We will be taking a forehead temperature scan and fingertip pulse oximeter measurement before beginning any treatment. If you are sick, please stay home.

We are checking ourselves as well. Each day before staff or Dr. starts seeing patients, we take temperatures and pulse oximetry measurements. You will also likely notice more personal protective equipment in use (PPE) in the form of KN95 or N95 masks, face shields and gowns or jackets in addition to the gloves and eye protection in use. We have a UV air cleaner in the heating and cooling system in the office to help with air purification.We are paying extra attention to the public space. The reception area including furniture surfaces, door handles, pens, counters etc are being wiped down several times per day with disinfectant. There are fewer chairs in the reception area to allow for social distancing. We will minimize the amount of time spent by patients with other patients in the reception area. I also ask that the minimum necessary people come to the appointment. If you have a driver bring you, please ask the driver to remain in his or her vehicle. If a family is coming with back to back appointments, we ask that only the parent and child patient come into the office. Once we address any questions or concerns, it would be helpful for the parent to return to the vehicle.

I know these are challenging times. We are moving forward with the utmost concern for patient and staff health. I appreciate the confidence patients have shown in trusting us with dental health care. We will continue to stay abreast of the most current recommendations from the reputable sources such as the CDC, NIOSH and ADA as well as the local entities such as Illinois Department of Public Health and McHenry Health Department.

I welcome listening to any concerns you may have.

James A. Hasken, DDS

Meet Our Health-Focused Dentistry Team

About Us

I have always felt we are of better service to our patients if we can provide the information to help you make the best possible decisions for your long-term health. Along with that, the decisions you make have to be consistent with the level of quality and cost that you value. Being health-focused means that we provide you with the information and coaching to help you along the way toward whatever goal you have for your oral health. Once you and I have identified that goal, we can focus our efforts toward reaching that level of health that you have chosen for yourself. The Dental Fitness exams provide a visual aid to show you what your current level of health is. It serves, as a guide to recommend changes to your home care as well as how we can tailor your individual treatment needs based on the exam findings. Our approach towards dental care is what makes us different from other dental practices. Our team focuses on taking steps that improve the quality of life and reduce the number of dental visits a patient may require during his/her lifetime. We achieve this through preventive care. At our dental office, we inform patients about the importance of oral health and motivate them towards taking better care of their oral health. We educate patients about healthy diet, hygiene habits and create awareness about what practices can increase the risk of dental problems. Through our specialized dental care, we have successfully built long-lasting relationships with many families from McHenry, Crystal Lake, and surrounding communities. We cater to dental needs of all age groups and treat basic to the most complicated dental problems.

To your good health,

James A. Hasken, D.D.S.

Our Health-Focused Dentistry Services

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Heath-Focused Hygiene

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BioRejuvenation Dentistry

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TMJ/TMD Health

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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Crowns / Dentures / Bridges

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Root Canal Treatment

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Dental Implants

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Oral Surgery

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Senior Dentistry

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Sleep Apnea Therapy

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Periodontal Care

Our Core Values



Proactively focused on helping Identify options that lead to long term, predictable outcomes integrating oral health to your total health. I am constantly seeking out new information in this evolving field of integrated functional dental medicine to help patients see how their oral health decisions have or may impact total health.



Having truthful conversations with my patients and willing to accept the outcome. I will not accept your disease as my burden but will help you make the best choices for you. I will not do more for you than what you are willing to do for yourself.



Partnering with our patients to manage health rather than disease by giving you choices to maintain or improve health and thereby preventing the damage caused by disease progression. I will listen to what you want for yourself and why, guiding you to understand the benefits of health and support your desire for change to get the results you want consistent with your values.



I will treat you with respect and accept the decisions you make for yourself without judgment.



I consider it an honor that you put your faith and trust in myself and team. We will make every effort to earn that every day.

The OraVital® System comprehensively provides the most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment of the oral infections that cause periodontal disease, halitosis, peri-implantitis and caries. Consisting of a proprietary protocol of advanced microbiology tests combined with a personalised regimen of prescribed antibiotic/antifungal and antimicrobial rinses, the OraVital® System can control gum disease in 90% of the cases in just 4 weeks. What’s more, the OraVital® System is the only oral infection management system on the market that can predictably diagnose and treat the Oral-Systemic Health link.

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