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Teeth Whitening Mchenry, Crystal Lake

Teeth Whitening McHenry and Crystal Lake

Bright natural teeth are successful in bringing out an attractive smile. During a survey conducted in the United States, when asked about the changes people wanted to make in their smile, many of them replied that they were willing to brighten their teeth. Brightness of teeth is believed to be a strong factor that can increase the beauty of the smile. This is one reason why tooth whitening is popular among cosmetic procedures. Although there are over-the-counter whitening products, the in-office treatment is safer and highly effective. At our dental office, we have successfully given life to smile desires of many of our patients who visit us from McHenry, Crystal Lake and other nearby localities. Thanks to our tooth whitening, our patients are proud owners of healthy smiles today.

Reasons for discoloration of teeth

There are several factors that can cause teeth discoloration. Poor oral hygiene, smoking and certain medications are few contributing factors. People who are more into consumption of dark colored fluids such as wine, cola and coffee are at higher risk of teeth discoloration. Aging can be another factor which causes the teeth to look dull. This is primarily because of reduction in thickness of enamel layer which causes the yellow dentin layer to be visible. Poor oral hygiene can increase the formation of plaque over teeth surface. This can mask the natural color of teeth.

Teeth whitening procedure

Teeth Whitening procedure McHenry and Crystal Lake

Teeth whitening done in an office setup involves examination of natural teeth. The dentist gauges the color of teeth using shade scale and takes pictures before the treatment begins. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the most widely used whitening agents for the purpose. These agents can enter the porous enamel layer of teeth and clear stain through oxidation. This helps in unmasking the natural color of teeth. The dentist ensures to use a protective gel over soft gum tissues before applying whitening agents over natural teeth. A special light is used during the process to accelerate oxidation. The dentist takes pictures after the treatment is complete to show the transformation in brightness. A diet that is free from dark colored fluids can retain the brightness for long.


The Teeth whitening is an effective procedure to whiten the teeth from stains and discoloration. It does not damage or completely change the color of teeth. But provides a brighter color with natural shade for teeth and it is the most commonly used procedure worldwide.

Teeth whitening treatment has significant benefits, some of them are:

  • Affordable Treatment
  • It Improve self-confidence
  • Removes discolored teeth
  • Safe, Comfortable and Reliable treatment
  • Improves oral health condition
  • Gives perfect shade to natural teeth
  • Improves your oral health and smile
  • It is a non-surgical procedure and does not involve any damaging the tooth
  • Makes you look younger teeth and more attractive
Tooth Whitening procedure

The Teeth whitening procedure works are as follows:

Phase 1: First, Consult dentist and tell about your dental problem

Phase 2: At the time of treatment, dentist inserts a lip retractor to avoid contact with teeth.

Phase 3: A gel is placed on gums to protect from teeth whitening gel.

Phase 4: Applying whitening gel on teeth and hardening with high-density pght.

Phase 5: Repeat the process to get brighter color based on the condition of teeth.

To know more about teeth whitening treatment at Mchenry Lake IL and Crystal Lake IL by our cosmetic dentist Dr. Hasken DDS, Call us 815-385-0777 or make an appointment.

Yes, Sensitivity in some cases appears after teeth whitening treatment but, it also depends on oral health condition. The good news is that sensitivity can reversible and preventable by taking proper suggestions from the dentist.

To be eligible for teeth whitening treatment, you need to know certain things

  • Smoking or drinking are not eligible under certain health conditions
  • People who have dental decay are not eligible and require to go for root canal treatment to cure it.
  • Severe tooth sensitivity people are not recommended for teeth whitening treatment.
  • People with a good health condition and had any discoloration of teeth can go for teeth whitening treatment.

To know that you are eligible for the treatment, call us 815-385-0777 or send a request to us.

No, teeth whitening treatment is not a permanent solution for discolored or stained teeth. It requires regular care and can last up to 3 years by following dental hygiene habits.

It is whitened under the supervision of professional dentist Dr. Hasken DDS and needs repeated visits for better oral health.

The teeth whitening treatment is very affordable and does not cost as much of other dental treatments. The cost also depends on the region and type of whitening treatment undergone.

Suppose, if you are looking for laser whitening treatment, then it will be a very expensive process to undergo the whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening