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Dentures Mchenry, Crystal Lake

Dentures Mchenry and Crystal Lake

The aim of dental care is to try and protect natural teeth as much as possible. In the unfortunate event of teeth loss, restorative dentistry can support the natural functions of teeth through replacements. Have you lost all or most of your teeth? Do not worry. Our dental office in McHenry, IL offers solutions for partial and complete edentulism. In the last twenty years of our dental service, we have restored lost teeth in many patients from the city and Crystal Lake, IL. We follow advanced techniques to restore lost teeth using dentures. This has improved the efficiency of our teeth restorations. Make an appointment and meet our dentist to know how dentures can improve your oral health.

Problems of edentulism or being tooth less

A person can lose teeth due to aging, periodontal diseases, teeth infection and from injuries. The problems faced from teeth loss are many. The condition can directly impact oral and overall health.

  • A person with edentulism may loose self-confidence to eat hard food items and may refrain from taking part in social events/gathering.
  • Due to lack of support the jawbone starts to resorb. This can make the facial skin to sag.
  • Improper nutritional intake can have direct impact on overall health.
  • People with edentulism are at higher risk of hypertension and heart problems.

Dentures for restoration

Your visit to our office will involve oral examination. Our dentist checks out any remaining teeth and sets a treatment plan based on the condition of teeth. Non-functional and severely decayed teeth may be removed during the process. The dentures can be fabricated using porcelain material. The restoration process starts with taking impressions of the dental arch. This helps our team create a temporary denture which is made of acrylic. The dentures are fit in the oral cavity. The gums recede over a period of few months. This is when the permanent dentures are fabricated after taking impressions of the dental arch. Our team guides patients on caring for dentures. Maintenance of oral hygiene is important when living with dentures. The gums can be softly brushed and the dentures can be cleaned properly for a healthier life.

Dentures FAQ's - Mchenry and Crystal Lake

Dentures are used as a replacement of missing tooth and easily removable without affecting your gums. It is made up of special materials like plastic (acrylic plastic) or porcelain material to match your gums and teeth. Since dentures are supported by surrounding soft tissue and jaw bone tissue to fix properly in the mouth.

There are a number of significant benefits of wearing dentures, some of them are:

  • It improves bite and chewing functionality as same as natural teeth.
  • One of the best solutions for missing teeth.
  • It improves appearance of teeth structure and smile
  • It can be easily removed for cleaning
  • It cast last around for 10 years without any wear and tear.
  • Damaged dentures can be easily replaced with new one
  • Looks and feel similar to natural teeth
  • Able to eat any type of food and chew easily
  • Dentures are customized and specifically designed for your teeth.

As we get older, there are chances of oral health problems in older adults and all the teeth will drop dramatically. This may be due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, and loose teeth. If older people lost all their teeth, then they need dentures to eat and chew the food easily without worrying about their natural teeth.

Since the dentures look very similar to natural teeth and the dentist matches the tooth and gum color to prepare artificial dentures. The candidate may have lower or upper or complete dentures according to the requirement.

The major candidates of dentures are older people and severely lost tooth people. The dentures can last up to 10 years if it is taken care properly. Otherwise, there are chances of becoming loosened and damage the jaw structure. If you are looking for partial or complete dentures at Mchenry and Crystal Lake IL, Call us and Make an appointment today.

There are only 2 types of dentures available, which are:

Partial Dentures
Partial dentures mchenry and crystal lake

It is a small portion of dentures used for a candidate when two or more teeth lost. Partial dentures can be used either upper or lower jaw to match the size, shape, and color of your gums and teeth. It is very easy to remove and clean the dentures whenever possible time.

It is most commonly used for missing teeth and especially suitable for older people. Initially, partial dentures may be difficult to wear, chew food and speak. As the days go on, the dentures will be very comfortable to wear without any wear and tear to natural teeth.

Complete Dentures
Complete Dentures mchenry and crystal lake

It is also called as full arch replacement dentures. Complete dentures are mainly used for older people who lost all their teeth due to injury, periodontal gum disease or dental decay. Wearing full dentures will improve your aesthetic appearance of teeth structure and restores your smile.

It is made up of a plastic material called acrylic and easily adjustable on the gum line on both sides of the jaw.

Before wearing complete dentures, it is may require having oral surgery or tooth extraction to fix the jaw structure and make comfortable for the candidate to wear dentures.

To take care of your dentures, just follow these simple steps:

  • Brush and rinse your dentures as described by the dentist.
  • Clean the dentures after having foods or drinks.
  • Handle your dentures carefully without damaging it.
  • Soak or rinse your dentures at night
  • Make regular dental checkups for examining and professionally cleaning your dentures
  • Don't eat hard food; it may cause damage to dentures.
  • Don't use whitening toothpaste or tooth bleaching cleansers to your dentures. It may weaken your dentures and becomes unstable to wear.

To know more about on how to take care of your dentures at Mchenry IL and Crystal Lake IL, Call us 815-385-0777 Dr. James A Hasken and Schedule an appointment.