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Dental Implants Mchenry, Crystal Lake

Dental Implants McHenry

Loss of natural teeth can cause a number of problems to oral health and overall health. Tooth loss can occur from accidental injuries, caries, periodontal disease and aging. Ignorance of oral care is one of the prime causes for tooth loss. There are a few types of teeth restorations in dental science that help replace lost tooth. Dental implants are one of the finest options for restoring lost teeth. The implant wonderfully integrates with the jawbone and provides great stability to the tooth replacement. Dr. James A Hasken has been providing dental care to the people of McHenry, IL and other nearby localities for many years. Dental implant restoration is one of the dental procedures we perform at our office to improve oral health of our valuable patients.

Tooth loss and dental implants

Tooth loss is the one of the most undesirable conditions in dentistry. The loss of natural tooth can create a number of problems. The condition can affect the speech and eating habits. An imbalance created from tooth loss can push the teeth nearby to towards the gap. This causes orthodontic problems. The food lodgment in the gap can increase the chances of gum infection. Due to lack of support the jawbone starts to shrink.

Dental implants can address these problems. They are made of metals that can finely integrate with the jawbone. The implant bonds with the bone. This gives it high stability. There are examples of implants lasting for decades after the surgery. This prevents the jawbone from resorbing and avoids all other oral problems which are caused from teeth loss.

Dental implant restoration

The surgical placement of implant in the jawbone is a complex process. The periodontist performs thorough examination of oral health to ensure that there are no gum problems. The periodontist then goes on to check the status of supporting bone. X-rays are taken and scanning is performed. This helps in accurate treatment planning.

The surgical placement of dental implants is performed with the help of local anesthesia. The periodontist starts with a small incision of gums. Drills are used to create a bony recess in the jaw and the implant is carefully torqued in place. The gums are sutured back and left to heal. This may take few months. The periodontist fixes an implant post and takes impressions of teeth during next visit. This helps in fabrication of crown. The crown, which is created in the lab, can be screwed or bonded over the implant.

Our periodontist finally explains how to take care of the implanted tooth and oral health. Proper maintenance of oral hygiene can help patients protect the implanted tooth for long.


A dental implant is a surgical treatment to replace lost tooth and it is made up of titanium metal. For more than 3 decades, dental implants have been used successfully with people just like you. Good oral hygiene such as brushing twice daily, flossing and cleaning tongue are the important factors to ensure that implants can stay long.

Once the existing tooth is extracted, you have to wait at least 3 months for the bone to heal and the body to get ready for implant placement. That is the standard wait for healing time. After that, you can have a pre-implant placement visit. At this visit, you should have an x-ray of the bone to determine if the density of the bone is adequate and further you can continue your implant treatment.

To know more information about dental implants restoration, Call us 815-385-0777 or send mail to us. Our Implant dentist Dr. Hasken in Mchenry IL and Crystal Lake IL will help you to solve your queries.

No, it is done under the anesthesia at our dental office. Once it starts to takes effect, you cannot feel anything. The dental implant teeth should be taken very carefully after oral surgery because the gums may start bleeding. But this will last for 3 days and will be back to normal.

A dental implant requires proper oral hygiene to stay stable for a longer period of time. The Average success rate of dental implants is greater than 95%, but in some rare cases, dental implant leads to failure.

To know, more about dental implants treatments Call Dr. Hasken dental implants surgeon in Mchenry IL and Crystal Lake IL and make an appointment.

Yes, dental implants are considered as safest and permanent solution for missing teeth.

There are major benefits of dental implants, some of them are:

  • Dental Implants are a long term solution for missing teeth
  • Strong and Stable implant teeth
  • Able to chew food easily
  • Improves speech and appearance of teeth
  • Implant teeth never decay.
  • Prevents from gum or periodontal disease
  • Restores your smile
  • Increases self-confidence

The dental implant works on various phases of treatment, such as:

Treatment Phase 1:
Consulting your dentist and making sure the patients are suitable for dental implants treatment based upon medical reports.

Treatment Phase 2:
After it is carefully observed patient reports, the dentist will start preparation for dental implant procedure by placing titanium implant into the jaw bone.

Treatment Phase 3:
Few days after healing, dentist place abutment or dental crown on implant teeth.

Treatment Phase 4:
Visit the dentist regularly for check-ups and take necessary suggestions for caring implant teeth.

Dental Implants